High-throughput Sequencing Platform

GenoLab M The high-throughput sequencing system GenoLab M adopts the surface restricted fluorescence sequencing technique (SURFseq) based on surface amplification to identify the optical signals of bases. Its sequencing-by-synthesis approach delivers speed, flexibility, high accuracy, and low-cost. GenoLab M can be configured to run 1 flowcell alone or 2 flowcells simultaneously---enabling a scalable solution tailored to your specific research needs. With single or dual flowcell options, the system can be tuned to meet output needs ranging from 37Gb to 300Gb reads per run, supporting the broadest range of applications.

Product Advantages

High Integration
DNA template amplification and synthetic sequencing reactions are integrated on the surface of the flowcell. Libraries can be directly used for sequencing after preparation.

High Accuracy
Unique reversible base termination and sequencing reaction system, combined with a high-sensitivity fluorescence signal detection system to maximize sequencing accuracy.

High Compatibility
The system is compatible to mainstream NGS libraries, eliminating the need for users to redevelop samples preparation kits.

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